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Frequently Asked Questions

In cases involving financial issues it will assist if you bring basic financial records to your first appointment.

In cases involving children there are no documents which are essential unless you have existing Court Orders or a Parenting Plan.  In that event we would ask you to bring such documents with you.  It may be that you have attended a mediation in relation to children and a certificate may have been issued by the mediator.  It would assist if you bring that certificate with you.

We can assist you with an Application for Divorce once you have been separated for at least 12 months.

In cases involving children mediation must take place prior to the commencement of Court proceedings.  In other cases, such as cases involving financial settlement it may be that we will arrange a mediation on those issues.  This will be discussed very thoroughly with you at the time.

The area of Child Support is complex and each case requires specific assistance.  We will work with you to ensure that your rights are protected.

A Binding Financial Agreement, sometimes also known as a Pre Nuptial Agreement or “Pre Nup” is a contract which finalizes financial settlement between 2 parties.  They are used in some, but not all circumstances.  We will explain the various options to you depending on your circumstances.

In a word, yes.  The Family Law Act and the Family Law Courts are part of a national system which means that the laws and rules are the same throughout Australia.

We act routinely for people in other States once we have carefully discussed and considered what is required.  We have acted for people overseas as well, most recently the United Kingdom, Hong Kong, Canada and Indonesia.

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